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Dilution Steam System

AQUAMAX™ technology from Nalco Champion is widely recognized for mitigating emulsion, fouling, foaming and corrosion from the quench water tower to the dilution steam generators. Nalco Champion has been the leader in innovative treatment programs including our cost-effective, sodium-free corrosion control program for dilution steam systems operating with low corrosion severity. We also offer unique, differentiated programs for fouling, emulsion and foaming control.

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From the reservoir to the refinery, our businesses solve energy's toughest challenges. And while the name on the truck, tool or uniform may differ, the people of Nalco Champion, WellChem, TIORCO, FabTech and Quantum Technical Services are unified in our commitment to deliver the consistent experience demanded by energy's global leaders.

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Managing quench and dilution steam systems can be challenging. The system frequently encounters a wide array of potential issues such as fouling, emulsions, foaming and corrosion, and all of these process challenges are interrelated. Our comprehensive approach results in a complete treatment solution to protect the entire system for our customers. Our program includes:

  • Unique Chemistry
    Be it corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers or antifoulants, Nalco Champion offers industry-leading, innovative and patented technologies for comprehensive management of the quench and dilution steam systems. Our extensive AQUAMAX™ product line ensures best-fit solutions to your unique process challenges.
  • State-of-the-Art Monitoring and Automation Technology
    The Nalco Champion unique 3D TRASAR™ Technology for Dilution Steam Systems works with AQUAMAX™, providing a best-in-class monitoring and automation tool for dilution steam system treatment.
  • Industry Benchmarking and Best Practice Gap Analysis
    For 30 years, Nalco Champion has both treated and surveyed dilution steam systems worldwide in order to benchmark ethylene producers’ key performance indicators (KPIs) against their respective regions and the world. These KPI benchmarks are a key component of our Best Practice Gap Analysis (BPGA) work process, in which we audit systems and benchmark design and operation against industry-proven best practices.

Case Histories

Nalco Champion Aquamax Technology
Unique Chemistry

See how the AQUAMAX™ technology quadrupled dilution steam generator run length for a major ethylene producer.

Nalco Champion 3DT for Dilution Steam
State-of-the-art automation technology

3D TRASAR™ Technology for Dilution Steam Systems reveals significant results for a Gulf Coast ethylene unit.

Technical Articles

Cause and Effect for Hydrocarbon Engineering
Cause and Effect

This joint article, published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, investigates the relationship between fouling and phase integrity in dilution systems.