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Acid Corrosion inhibitor for acid treatment

Acid corrosion inhibitors are used to protect tubulars, surfaces and downhole equipment from the corrosive environment during acid treatments including matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, fracturing acid spearhead or remedial acidizing, as a result helping to improve asset longevity, well integrity and reduce operational cost.  Our leading acid corrosion inhibitor technologies provide excellent corrosion protection and can help achieve an effective acid stimulation with various acid types, acid concentrations, metallurgies, temperatures and exposure time.


Our leading acid corrosion inhibitors technologies provide excellent corrosion protection and can help achieve safe and effective acid stimulation. ACIs help to reduce the operational cost of acid stimulation jobs associated with various acid types and metallurgies, as well as a wide range of acid concentrations, formation temperatures and exposure time. Our team of experts and state-of-art lab testing facility allows us to best support our customer’s needs in developing, testing and confirming the right solution for their application.

Our versatile product lines can help you to mitigate corrosion risk and meet your application needs in many acid treatments under various conditions.

Highlights of our acid corrosion inhibitors include:

  • Mineral acid corrosion inhibitors
  • Mud acid corrosion inhibitors
  • Organic acid carrion inhibitor
  • Acid corrosion inhibitors with built-in intensifiers
  • High-temperature acid corrosion inhibitors
  • Cost effective acid corrosion inhibitors
  • North Sea compliant acid corrosion inhibitors
  • Winterized acid corrosion inhibitors