Spirigel™ Complete

Spirigel™ Complete contains seven skin care ingredients to nourish and regenerate the skin. Spirigel™ Complete provides an extra level of protection throughout the hospital, from wards to theatres. It is completely virucidal and has proven Norovirus efficacy in 15 seconds according to EN14476. Spirigel™ Complete is effective against yeasts, mycobacteria and bacteria in a short contact time of only 15 seconds in the corresponding in vitro tests.
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Product Details

  • Contains 7 skin care ingredients to nourish and regenerate the skin
  • Fully virucidal according to EN14476, including Norovirus efficacy in 15 seconds
  • Provides an extra level of protection throughout the hospital
  • Wide range of dispensing options specifically designed for all points of use
  • Suitable for surgical use according to EN12791

 Excellent Skin Compatibility

We understand how good skin tolerance improves hand hygiene compliance, which is why Spirigel™ complete has been developed with healthcare professionals in mind. It is a skin friendly formulation containing Aloe vera, Panthenol and Glycerine which makes it ideal for frequent use.

Approved for surgical use

Guidelines now recommend alcohol hand rubs for surgical antisepsis between operations as an alternative to traditional antiseptic soaps. Spirigel™ complete passes EN 12791 for surgical hand antisepsis.

Comprehensive Efficacy Testing

Test Type Procedure  Contact Times
Hygienic Hand Rub  According to EN 1500 30 secs
Murine Norovirus  According to EN 14476 15 secs
Rotavirus  According to EN 14476 15 secs
Full Virucidal Efficacy  According to EN 14476 2 mins
Surgical Hand Disinfection  According to EN 12791 3 mins
Bacterial Efficacy  According to EN 13727 15 secs
Yeasticidal Efficacy  According to EN 13624 15 secs
Tuberculocidal Efficacy  According to EN 14348 15 secs


100g contains the following active ingredient: 85g Ethanol

Also contains the skin care ingredients Aloe vera, Panthenol and Glycerine

Shelf Life

24 months

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Dispose of packaging only if emptied and closed. Product residue: see safety data sheet.